Welcome to the future Web Components usher in a new era of web development based on encapsulated and interoperable custom elements that extend HTML itself. Built atop these new standards, Polymer makes it easier and faster to create anything from a button to a complete application across desktop, mobile, and beyond.
var x = "x"; function t() { return x; }
Phase1: HTML and JavaScript
Python 2.x:
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Python 3.x:
$ python -m http.server

$ npm install -g node-static
$ static

appcmd add site /name: chat /id:2 /physicalPath: c:\chat 
Phase2: Add Polymer
$ bower init

$ bower install --save Polymer/polymer
Phase3: Creating Polymer Elements Phase4: Reusing Polymer Elements
$ bower install --save Polymer/paper-elements
Phase5: Non-visuals
$ bower install --save Polymer/core-ajax